is a small hobby cattery located in Northern New Jersey. Our goal is to breed quality, healthy and sound Manx according to the CFA standard.

The Manx were one of the original show cats. They were represented in the first cat shows held in Great Britain. Their ancient legacy continues, as when CFA was founded in 1906, Manx were one of the original founding breeds.

Besides taillessness, the Manx is known for its robust and rounded appearance with great depth of flank. This breed can actually be drawn with a series of circles. It has a very round head with rounded cheeks which give it a jowly appearance, especially in the male. It has high hindquarters with the back legs much longer than the forelegs, causing the rump to be higher than the shoulders. The shortness of the back forms a continuous arch from shoulders to rump. The Manx eyes are large and rounded, set at a slight tilt towards the ear. The ears are wide at the base, tapering to a rounded tip. Medium in size, they are widely spaced and set slightly outward. The ear should resemble the rocker on a cradle.

Manx come in both longhair and shorthair varieties. Both varieties have double coats which should be very dense and plush. Shorthairs should have an outer coat which is somewhat hard and glossy, although softer coats can be seen in whites and dilutes due to a color/texture link. The longhair has a silky coat which is medium in length, with breeches, abdomen, and neck ruff being longer than the coat on the main body.

The Manx are very playful and intelligent cats who are devoted to their families. They have extremely powerful hindquarters which allow them to jump to great heights and run with rapid acceleration and quick turns.

The Manx is often said to be “dog-like” both in their loyalty to their families and their love of interactive play.

They have a great sense of humor and are not above playing practical jokes on their families. They get along wonderfully with children and other family pets and have been known to protect their families from real or imagined danger.

A house with a Manx will never be boring!

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